i would very much enjoy seeing the last one happen…

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Samus Aran by Masateru

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Bus stop

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Inuyasha Finale


Yeah but can you imagine Lord Sesshomaru getting a kimono for Rin? I highly doubt he bought it. He probably walked into a human village, and told them, “I require a kimono for a young girl of about this height.” And they were all so freaked out by his demon appearance/aura/lil demon sidekick that they just let him have whatever he wanted.



Dr. Robotnik & Sonic

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"Get Rings" by Geneva Hodgson

I don’t know what it is about this comic, but it has stood out to me since the moment I read it. It’s so simple. but at the same time it’s just very… I don’t even know the right word. It just makes me feel kind of quiet and makes me think.

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Here have a weirdly styled bowser and co.

Just made up the palette here, no use of Super Gameboy palettes..

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Tetris Level Expert
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Happy Birthday, Tetris

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